Hello I'm GUIFOL,
Guido Chiefalo is my real name

I'm an Art Director and Designer born in 1986 in Italy, Rome.

I graduated with a Master Degree in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis book on semiotic "Il disegno nel progetto". I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design at La Sapienza di Roma.

Since 2008 I start working in visual communication, digital design, brand strategy and architecture, motion design, creative direction for print and visual products across Milano, London and Rome. I have collaborated with the best digital, branding and furniture agencies: INAREA, McCann, Slamp, Soda Studio, Lago and Moroso.



guifol@hotmail.it | LINKEDIN | VIMEO | PINTEREST

“Sun will rise at Mother Base” - MGSV


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