Art Director: Guido Chiefalo
Project Director: Angelica Conticelli
Year: 2020
Agency: Self production
Client: Epigenox

The Epigenox brand was designed to be able to represent in a modern, iconic and healthy way this new para-pharmaceutical reality that operates in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, in vitamin and food supplements and in the field of genetic pharmacology. With the integration of all elements that compose it we have built a fluid and capable visual language communicate easily within the 5 large containers modern media, such as: the press, the product, the exhibition, the web and the video.

The visual system sees the whole development at the center the brand, consisting of: Glyph: called "Janus-DNA"
and Logotype: Epigenox crasis of the two words of origin Greek "Epi" (def. Above) "Genox" (def. Map of the human genome).


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