Creative Director: Antonio Romano
Art Director: Niccolò Desii
Designer: Guido Chiefalo, Andrea Magnini, Paolo Perrini
Strategist: Eduardo Salierno
Project Manager: Monica Solimeno
Year: 2014
Agency: INAREA
Client: Motusquo

Motusquo is a platform between private loans, a new way to finance people with more favorable interest rates for applicants and higher returns for investors. Is a community of people using the same platform, each with a customized profile. The flow of money exchange is represented by two sets joined together at the center of the point. The centerpiece is the balancing effect of the brand and all the MOTUSQUO concept. The dynamism of the brand allows you to view the various forms used for the various technical aspects of the company. The various configurations can be used depending on the different areas of use and predict a range of colors for customization of the brand and its use.

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