Creative Director: Antonio Romano
Art Director: Niccolò Desii
Designer: Guido Chiefalo, Andrea Magnini, Paolo Perrini
Strategist: Eduardo Salierno
Project Manager: Monica Solimeno
Year: 2015
Agency: INAREA
Client: Pompei

The most famous archaeological site in the world can be transformed into a living city. The intervention carried out on behalf of the Superintendency of Pompeii has been able to restore a contemporary vitality to the myth: Pompeii is not a dead city, buried by the incandescent ash of Vesuvius, but a place of perennial life, stopped in a snapshot of eternity. The choice to recover the name of the ancient city, Pompeii (with two "i") to distinguish it from the toponym of the current urban settlement, and to make it eternal (with the claim "Tempus, Vita") and to recognize it as international as it is: in English Pompeii has always been "Pompeii".

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