Researchers: Guido Chiefalo, Jiwon Choi, Jonathan Chomko, David Raffoul
Supervisor: Aaron Siegel

Year: 2012
Agency: Fabrica - Benetton Group

Making visible the invisible: data in art and design
Data is ubiquitous. Everything we do in life generates data. Data comes in many forms. It’s not always quantifiable or easy to measure. Data is important. Understanding the data generated by various activities informs our decisions about them.

Our body leaves traces.
The human being uses his body and its extensions to interact with the surrounding objects, so you can play in the best way a particular job. We develop these movements every day for all the days of our lives, leaving traces of invisible and instantaneous around our own body. Collecting these data it is possible to reconstruct, in a single image, all the way and the sign that our body leaves during a particular job, in a short period of time. In this way it is possible to discern which parts of the body are used more during the work session, what other parts of the body have not. These "temporary portraits" were made according to the canons views that refer to "Futurism 2.0".

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